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Fighting Bad Writing Habits: A Belated Quiet, Sleepy, NSFW Rant-Ballad on Writing Resolutions

We writers are a finicky bunch, are we not? It’s not because we’re all gifted with the artistic license to be quirky, riddlesome conundrum people the second we decare ourselves writers; we’re not all out there penning the next new great American novel (or, in reality, the latest trash-trend listicle). No, we are finicky because we often, as a group, have a bad habit of adopting some rather typical (and contradictory) artistic characteristis, […]

Why I Still Do Morning Pages: Thoughts on Writing & Commitment

I first picked up a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way in the summer of 2009 when I was fresh out of college with a shiny new degree, a ton of ambition and absolutely no idea where to channel all that writerly energy. I bought the copy, well used and already written in, at the now defunct Inner Chapters Bookstore on Fairview Ave in Seattle’s South Lake Union (before it […]