Fighting Bad Writing Habits: A Belated Quiet, Sleepy, NSFW Rant-Ballad on Writing Resolutions

We writers are a finicky bunch, are we not? It’s not because we’re all gifted with the artistic license to be quirky, riddlesome conundrum people the second we decare ourselves writers; we’re not all out there penning the next new great American novel (or, in reality, the latest trash-trend listicle). No, we are finicky because we often, as a group, have a bad habit of adopting some rather typical (and contradictory) artistic characteristis, […]

By the Light of a Laptop Late at Night

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Insomnia, night writing, and the idealize/idolize paradox It’s 5 a.m. and I am reluctantly (unwillingly?) sitting up, in the dark, at my desk in the living room. Because the heater is built into the wall right under my desk, and because my desk is wedged between the wall and the sofa (NYC apartments, what can I say?), my legs are getting the full blast of hot air meant to warm the […]