The Distance Between What I Said I’d Do & When I Actually Did It

I finally came around to reviving this blog today, after months of stopgapping my whole writing/work/life/happiness/very existence routine. Nothing worked but more writing, no surprise! In any case, having actually made some real strides in my writing/working life of late, the inspiration flowed me right back into this blog. I wiped everything from its predecessor and started anew. Everything new. New design. New name. New work. New life. Except there was one blog […]

Goodbye to All That…Having a Job ‘n Stuff

Today I discovered that I have to quit my job. Why? The reason: Because I made a promise to myself some weeks back, and if you can’t keep even a simple promise to yourself, you’re basically no good at anything, right? The real reason: Because I really, really, really, really want to. A few months shy of my three year anniversary in New York I had trudged past several of […]